The Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County was founded in 2005, and we help make FREDERICK STRONG!

Our Mission – FREDERICK STRONG! Building strong marriages, strong families, and strong communities in Frederick County, Maryland. 

Our Vision – FREDERICK STRONG! To be a beacon of hope in the Frederick Community by equipping and encouraging individuals and couples to develop strong relationships, lasting and Godly marriages. This will allow more children to grow up in safe and nurturing families which lead to less divorce, reduced poverty, and better life outcomes.

The Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County is the only nonprofit in the Frederick Community that focuses exclusively on assisting individuals and couples to develop and maintain strong and vibrant relationships throughout a lifetime. We achieve this goal through a variety of relationship education services:

  • Our Flagship Program – FREDERICK STRONG! A 10-week relationship education and mentoring program for building strong marriages
  • For the Entire FamilyFamilies Stepping Up To The Plate
  • For Singles and Those Single AgainHow To Avoid Falling For A Jerk or Jerkette
  • For Engaged CouplesPrepare/Enrich Inventory & Mentoring
  • For  Married CouplesArt of Marriage classes, Love & Respect classes, and RINGS (Relationship Intimacy and Growth Skills)
  • For Couples Who Are Experiencing Distress Restoration Mentoring
  • For A Spouse Who Desires To Heal A Broken RelationshipJust One
  • For Those Who Have Experienced the Pain of DivorceDivorce Care

For detailed information on each of these classes,  go to our Resources page.

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