Shelley Aloi is MRCFC’s new Executive Director.

We are pleased to have Shelley join us. She brings a plethora of ministry and community service along with broad volunteer experience and a strong background in professional training and education. Shelley is well-known and respected in our community. She is already an integral part of Frederick County. She is well equipped to move the Marriage Resource Center to the next level.

Four years ago, the Board of Directors of the Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County began passionately praying for God’s favor to be upon the Center in ways that we could not imagine. Since that time in 2014, we have repeatedly seen His favor upon the Center. We rejoice again in His leading, through fervent prayer and petition, as He has provided a clear succession plan for our Executive Director position.

Our former Executive Director, Chris Bugher, desires to focus her time and energy on providing quality relationship education programs in the community and in collaboration with other area nonprofits. After speaking to eight potential Executive Director candidates, we narrowed the field to four that were interviewed. God clearly pointed us to His person ‘for such a time as this.’

The Marriage Resource Center has been instrumental in building and rebuilding healthy marriages and relationships in Frederick County through mentorship and relationship-based education classes since 2005. The Marriage Resource Center is expanding to serve more individuals, families, couples, and young people through additional educational workshops, online programming, and partnerships with other organizations in the Frederick community.

“I am excited to join the Marriage Resource Center as we serve the next generation of Frederick families,” says Shelley. “This is a critical time. Our children and young people face an expanding array of challenges, and strong family relationships are the best way to create a foundation for long-term success. Our goal is to be the premier resource center for marriage and family relationships in the region.”

A lifelong member of the Frederick community, Shelley has served in both the public and private sectors and has a diverse background including work in education, research, banking and government. She has a decades-long commitment to ministry and the non-profit community, and also brings expertise as a life and success coach.

Chris Bugher will remain with the Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County transitioning to Director of Programs. Says Shelley of Chris, “I look forward to continuing the important work of the Center, working with Chris as we expand the Marriage Resource Center programming and partnerships to serve the larger Frederick community.”