Thinking of Getting a Divorce?

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10 things to consider:

Marriage is good for your children.  Children raised outside of marriage are 5 times more likely to experience poverty. Children with married parents are more successful–they are less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to graduate from college and land better jobs.

Marriage is healthier for you.  Married men and women live longer and experience better health.

Marriage is good for your pocketbook.  Married men and women earn more and save more than singles or unmarried couples. Working together in a healthy, lifelong partnership, men and women actually produce more, spend less, and save and invest more wisely than unattached people – even singles with the same education and jobs.

Marriage is good for your mental health.  Adults who are married report being happier and are less likely to be depressed or show other signs of mental illness and distress. Children whose parents stay married have lower rates of suicide and other psychological disorders.

Marriage is good for your sex life.  Married couples report having better and more frequent sex than single people. Married couples are more faithful and committed which leads to a safer, more satisfying sex life physically and emotionally.

Marriage is good for your family.  As adults, children whose parents get and stay married are twice as likely to say they have warm, close relationships with their parents. Both fathers and mother remain closer to their kids when they stay together.

Divorce is not likely to make you happier.  Two out of three unhappily married adults that avert divorce report being happily married five years later. Only one out of five unhappy spouses that proceeded with divorce report being happily remarried within that same time period. Stepfamily marriages have a 65% failure rate.

Marriage education can teach new skills.  Many couples did not grow up with good role models for a successful marriage. Through taking a marriage enrichment course couples can learn conflict resolution skills necessary for making their marriage work.

Use of marriage mentors can restore 80% of “on the brink” marriages.  Trained mentor couples can provide valuable accountability and support to a couple that is struggling but committed to the relationship.

Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County can help.  We provide both marriage education/skills training and on-going mentoring support for couples that want to SAVE THEIR MARRIAGES.

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Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County is NOT a counseling service but teaches skills and provides couple mentoring. Professional Referrals are made as appropriate.