Back On Track

God has blessed our marriage with much love… for Him, for each other, and for our children.  Unfortunately, finances began to interfere with all of that.  How much should be budgeted and for what?  What should we pay off and how much should we save?  After our tithe, we just couldn’t reach agreement on all things money…and it… Continue Reading

A Phone Message to the Mentors

“Hi Bob & Cathy this is Kim. Hey I was just calling to thank you guys so much for Monday. Your insight and wisdom-and-just some of the things you said have just really sunk home. I think John and I are gonna be okay. I made a choice to forgive him and I told him… Continue Reading

The Love Dare Turnaround

Thank you so much for following up with us. Because I decided to take the Love Dare challenge seriously this time, I’ve decided to order the Love Dare book. Prior to now, I was reading and working off of a download version that I found online. Our last meeting really made me take a look at myself and… Continue Reading

Mary’s Mentor Experience

I cannot think of the exact words to tell you how your words & kindness gave me such a sense of peace. I have been married to Phil for 20 years and setting in your home was the first time I felt that someone understood what I felt. Not being understood by my spouse, not… Continue Reading