A Crisis and A Response

(Phone message received from a troubled woman) “I was referred to the Marriage Resource Center by a friend. Please, please . . . I need help. My marriage is in crisis!  I really don’t know what to do. My husband has been unfaithful . . . I just found out. I am reeling. My world… Continue Reading

A Thank You, a Testimony, & a Question

Dear Bob & Cathy, I hope this message finds both of you well and that you are having a great summer surrounded by family! It has been a while since I last reached out to you and life has become incredibly amazing. It has been one blessing after the other and thanks to all the tools… Continue Reading

One Client

Attesting to the organization’s impact. “Jim and I want to thank the Marriage Resource Center for providing such a wonderful couple to help us with all we’ve had to deal with these past four months.  When I discovered my husband’s affair, I was shaken beyond belief, but your help is what led us out of… Continue Reading

Couple Separated 1 year

(Testimony from a couple trying to come back together. After 1 meeting, one of them sees little effort from their partner) Hello (Mentor Couple), We would like to thank you for all the words you shared with us. Everything you both shared with us taught me on the way I would like to be. Keeping… Continue Reading

A Priceless Gift

No amount of money can repay what you did for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being available for the Holy Spirit to work through you. Cathy, one time you said that “this is all that matters” and you were pointing to you and Bob as a couple. You… Continue Reading

Her Unfaithfulness

We wanted to let you know how we are doing. It has been a year since our crisis came to light. Currently our relationship is strong, and we are healing. Fred continues to be amazingly full of grace and hope. I am returning to my place with God even though I continue to struggle with… Continue Reading

A Story of Improvement

Hi Jim & Sue (mentor couple), I just wanted to touch base with you quickly as we hadn’t spoken since you had Bev and me over.  I am pleased to tell you that things are going very well for us now!  This past Saturday was our anniversary, and one of the things we did to… Continue Reading

Although it was incredibly difficult

Although we both know all of our problems are not fixed, we’re doing very well and are very committed to each other. We are also becoming more and more committed to a Christian life and participating more actively at our church. Thank you for all of your time with us.  Although it was incredibly difficult… Continue Reading