Restoration Mentoring

The goal of our mentoring service is to restore your marriage relationship, no matter what condition it is presently in. In fact, when our mentoring is completed, many couples tell us their relationship has never been this good. Our service is on a pay-it-forward basis with the goal that everyone in your situation can be helped.

When you contact us using the online contact form, we will call you to answer any questions you may have. At that time we will conduct an Intake Interview, if you decide you want our service. When this is completed, we will determine the best mentor couple to help you based on one basic criteria – your mentor couple will have experienced and overcome some of the main issues you mentioned as problems in your marriage. I guess there is nothing like meeting with another couple that has been there, done that, and is able to guide you in having the same success they have experienced.

We suggest you do the following 2 things:

  • Watch the above video if you haven’t watched it yet. You should be encouraged that you too can repair and improve your relationship to the point where you will do step 2;
  • Access the online contact form to inquire about our restoration mentoring.