Parenting Sensibly

Parenting Sensibly Online Course
Drawing on more than 26 years of raising 10 children and leading classes for hundreds of parents, Lynda provides an honest look at the parenting journey and lays a firm foundation to help you navigate the daily struggles of parenting.
​In only 8 classes, you will see a noticeable improvement! Take the classes at your convenience in the comfort of your own home.


  • Strengthen family relationships
  • Reduce stress
  • Get kids to respond without yelling or getting angry
  • The 4Cs will help lay a foundation to turn daily messes into successful teaching opportunities
  • Have a more peaceful home


What will you learn?

  • ​Module 1: In order to move forward, we must first take a look backward. How were we raised and how does that affect how we parent.
  • Module 2: Understanding our child’s personality and our own will help us strengthen our relationships and help us parent more effectively.
  • Module 3: Clarifying the difference between discipline and punishment is important. We will also address anger and introduce the 4Cs, a strategy to help navigate parenting challenges.
  • Module 4: Learn how to address behavior without degrading your child.
  • Module 5: Say what? Learn how to communicate effectively with your child.
  • Module 6: Spilled milk and what to do about it: natural and logical consequences.
  • Module 7: Uncovering the truth about rewards, what works and what doesn’t.
  • Module 8: Freedom through boundaries.

HURRY! Discounted fee of $25 for the first 25 enrollees only!

NOTE: Registration fee covers course access for one logon to be used by either a single parent or by both parents.

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