Head Meets Heart Post-Test Assessment

Congratulations on completing the Head Meets Heart course!

Please complete the assessment below by selecting the word or number that best corresponds with your beliefs about MARRIAGE.

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  • Very UnimportantUnimportantNeutralImportantVery Important
    How my partner fights when angry
    What my partner learned from his/her family when growing up
    How my partner reacts when my feelings are hurt
    What my partner has been like in past dating relationships
    What my partner believes about right and wrong
    How well my partner gets along with their parent(s)
    What my partner's friendships are like
  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
    I feel confident that I know how to choose the right person for me.
    I feel confident that I know how to have a healthy dating relationship.
    I can identify the things that are important to get to know about a partner
    I know how to pace a dating relationship in a safe way
    I know how to choose a healthy partner.
    I feel confident that I can spot warning signs in dating partners.
    I know how to identify the signs of an abusive relationship.
    I know the skills necessary to be an effective communicator.
    I understand healthy versus unhealthy ways to resolve conflict in my relationships.
    I learned new information from this class.
    This class was helpful to me personally.
    I plan to use the information I learned from this class in my dating relationships.
    As a result of this class, I believe I will have healthier relationships.
    As a result of this class, I feel more prepared for seeking out a healthy committed relationship.
    As a result of this class, I will carefully evaluate my choice of a partner.
    The instructor gave clear explanations of the class material.
    I would recommend this class to others.
    Overall, I am very satisfied with this class.
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  • 1 HARMFUL23456789 POSITIVE
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