Our Participants

A variety of participants/organizations are involved with our various programs and initiatives, some directly attending classes, others referring, hosting or training.
1. Couples: Participating in Art of Marriage, Love and Respect,  and other enrichment events  or Marriage Mentoring seminars.
2. Mentor Couples: Participating in Marriage Mentor Training to come alongside premarital and troubled couples.
3. Congregations: Participating by hosting classes, arranging special speakers, recommending potential mentor couples and referring parishioners to healthy   marriage resources. CLICK for resources
4. Businesses/Agencies: Participating by hosting Lunch & Learn sessions for employees to improve workplace and family relationship health and referring to healthy marriage resources.
5. Counselors/Therapists: Participating by referring clients to a variety of relationship and marriage programs concurrent with ongoing counseling.
6. Marriage Investors: Participating by one time or ongoing financial investments.
7. Advertisers: Participating by creating discounts for those completing certain relationship and marriage education classes.