Our Programs and Services

The Marriage Resource Center of Frederick County is the only nonprofit in the Frederick Community that focuses exclusively on assisting individuals and couples to develop and maintain strong and vibrant relationships throughout a lifetime. We achieve this goal through a variety of relationship education services;
• For the Entire FamilyFamilies Stepping Up To The Plate classes

The Our Home Runs program is built around a baseball theme in which parents are compared with coaches and the kids are compared to players. The Home Runs program applies the RAM to family relationships to strengthen the ways that families communicate, respect, work and play together, support and build family resilience, and express affection and affirmation. The Our Home Runs course teaches a practical format for using the RAM for family meetings. Program Sessions include:

1: Our Family-Team Talks

2: Our Family-Team Sportsmanship

3: Our Family-Teamwork

4: Our Family-Team Resilience

5: Our Family-Team Appreciation
• For Singles and Those Single AgainHow To Avoid Falling For A Jerk or Jerkette classes

Dating today is like leaving the house without your phone. You know that feeling of being totally lost in the world without being able to Google every single question you can think of through the day…like you’ve just lost your safety net. This is how dating feels now, like driving in an unfamiliar territory without any device to help you navigate. It used to be that there were norms for dating and set pathways for how relationships were to unfold; however, today anything goes. These five areas are based on a summation of the decades upon decades of relationship research and will best predict what someone will be like in a long-term relationship

  1. A Bird’s Eye View of Dating
  2. You Can’t Marry Jethro Without Gettin’ The Clampetts
  3. The Ingredients For A Lasting Relationship
  4. Why Is it That “Expectations Lead to Disappointment”
  5. Putting The Horse Before The Cart

• For Engaged CouplesPre-marital Mentoring

Pre-marital Mentoring utilizes a mentor couple that has been trained in the use of Prepare/Enrich, which is an online, relationship assessment tool. Each member of the engaged or seriously-dating couple being mentored takes about an hour to complete this online assessment. When they have both completed the assessment, the mentor couple receives a 25 page report describing in detail how each participant responded to over 180 statements about their relationship.
• For  Married CouplesArt of Marriage classes, Love & Respect classes, and  RINGS (Relationship Intimacy and Growth Skills)

Marriage Enrichment classes are intended for those who want to give their marriage a “tune up” so they keep the relationship growing and full of excitement. Art of Marriage is a six week program, Love and Respect is a12 week program, and RINGS is a one day workshop. All. are offered periodically during the year and scheduled events can be found under our Events. link.
• For Couples Who Are Experiencing Distress free Restoration Mentoring services

We call this type of Mentoring Restoration Mentoring because that is the goal; actually restoring the marriage relationship, which is presently in a crisis situation. In this type of mentoring we really concentrate on fulfilling the definition of the word Mentoring. The mentor couple has usually been married for at least 15 years and thus has experienced in a wide variety of areas of marriage. They have also gained a lot of wisdom over the years, and as they continue to help the couple having difficulty, the couple realizes that trust is being built. This allows the mentor couple to not only speak words of wisdom into the couple’s marriage, but also is an encouragement to the couple to actually take the suggested actions to help themselves through the problem.

• For A Spouse Who Desires To Heal A Broken RelationshipJust One classes

“Just One”, is a mentoring service that is done with only one of the marital partners who does not have a spouse who is willing to seek help.  Men meet with men and women meet with women. The group meets for one  hour a week for 12 weeks accountable to two people every week to help them learn and grow.  The goal  is to first help them in their relationship with God, and then their relationship with their spouse.

• For Those Who Have Experienced the Pain of DivorceDivorce Care classes

For those people who have separated from their spouse and are having to deal with things like anger, loneliness, financial issues, depression, and many more, this small group is made for you. You may have been separated for only a few days, or you may have already received your final divorce decree; whatever your situation, you want and need help to get you through this time. This 13-week class uses a combination of video presentation and small group discussion to help you with a different issue each week. The classes are held at the local churches listed under the “Events” link on our website and are led be people who have experienced divorce themselves and who desire to help you get through it and begin planning for a better future.